Bakersfield…You’re alright with me!!!

My hubby and I drove from Tennessee to Bakersfield so we literally had a cross country road trip…it was AWESOME!!!! ((((AND YES, THAT SAYS 1DAY AND 5 HOURS))) This has made me realize that we have got to see the world!!!!  We’ve been trying for a baby but while we’re able a trip to…i dunno SOMEWHERE should become a part of the plan!!!!

We’ve been in town for about 2 weeks now so I’ve been knee deep in unpacking and getting to know my new city. Another truth I must share is……I really didnt know there was a country section of california.  I know, I probably shouldnt have said that out loud or written it for all to see and KNOW my ignorance but its true.  California in my mind is fashionable, beautiful views, ocean views, bikers, fit ppl doing yoga on their balconies. You see, my new home is in a drought so…yeah I’m in the desert!! lol I live in Kern County and the Kern “River” literally has NO water!!!  The oh so recognizable smell of cow manure is still in the air and I can drive countless miles before seeing anything other than trees. I grew of in a small country town filled with cows, crops, barns, and dirt roads (which is fine, i enjoyed my childhood) and I thought I was moving to “California”.

Although Bakersfield is a lot like home…it’s sooooo NOT!!!  The terrain is so different and the crops are beautiful!!! I’ve never been able to see an orchard in person and IT.WAS.GORGEOUS!!! I NEED TO SET UP A PHOTO SESSION LIKE…YESTERDAY!!!


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